Field Development Conceptualisation

Our simulation expertise is unmatched. Using integrated production modelling (IPM), steady-state and transient process and flow assurance simulations, offshore facility weight estimates and cost/weight/schedule benchmarking, we generate weighted scores or matched-pair analyses to examine every permutation of the various options available.

Innovative Field Development Solutions

Our simulation expertise is unmatched

But we go much further, using comprehensive economic models to capture CAPEX, OPEX, availability and scheduling data in order to measure NPV and cost/performance ratios. The validity of these models is tested against weighted qualitative criteria applied to safety, environmental issues and technical risk, obtained through intensive, facilitated discussions with key management personnel.
We also identify key issues that are better defined as hurdles rather than ranking criteria, such as safety, thereby helping our clients to avoid the trap of attempting to rank projects according to non-negotiable criteria. We have the experience required to focus the decision-making process on measurable variables, defined in close collaboration with your teams.

Delivering integrated marine and subsea solutions

Our Marine and Subsea Divisions play a key role in our integrated consultancy model. In building our world-class marine and subsea engineering capability, we have brought together a team of industry experts who comprehensively cover all of the disciplines. Coupled with the experience and expertise of the teams in our other divisions, we provide our Clients with consistently high-value and fully engineered solutions.

From the development of a multi-well deepwater oilfield or a marginal single well tie-back, to the design of a floating production system, SBS marine and subsea divisions with its sister divisions can supply what you need to produce, or improve on your target expectations and outcomes. Where marine and subsea operations meet oil and gas exploitation, our engineering specialists have every phase in the development cycle covered. Immediately after a new discovery, we are able to work with our flow assurance colleagues to quickly produce an optimised technical solution, complete with schedules and realistic costings.