C&C Global Analysis (Extreme loading, RAO, interference and sensitivity case)

Configuration and Clashing global analysis is necessary when considering a new floating production development or for the addition of more dynamic flexible risers for an existing floating facility. In either case, to prevent new risers from clashing with existing risers or indeed the host vessel’s mooring chains, C&C analysis needs to be carried out. The results of the analysis are then used to determine optimum positioning of the new risers within the FPSO/FSO turret. Typical scope of work for C&C analysis work may include all or more of the following criteria:

  • Develop an outline methodology for global analyses of the installed riser configuration.
  • Present global analysis results for extreme loading analysis and interference analysis.
  • Present the installed configuration design.
  • Make conclusions on the analysis work.
  • Carry out fatigue analysis of the risers and/or ancillary components.
  • Carry out installation analysis or assessment of the offshore installability of the risers.
  • Carry out assessment of the suitability of the new riser(s) and/or any ancillary components (including flow assurance, materials compatibility, and/or integrity of the structures of the risers).

Regular wave case
Simulation Screen Grab (Elevation View) Regular wave case showing over-bending at root of bend stiffener
Regular wave case
Simulation Screen Grab (Elevation and Plan Views) Growth Sensitivity Case Showing Clash between 2 Risers