Cost estimating

This breadth and depth of expertise underpins another key skill: our ability to produce robust cost estimates for all foreseeable concepts that might apply to your specific field development project. Using industry-leading cost analysis tools, we produce order-of-magnitude costs for rapid concept screening, or drill down into conceptual details by taking into account industry norms, up-to-date equipment costs, our comprehensive database of drilling and vessel costs, and proprietary equipment-sizing algorithms. Because our tools interface easily with other industry-leading applications such as HYSYS® and PipeSim, our cost estimates are based on reliable models and projections.

Innovative Field Development Solutions

SBS Engineering Support Services

At SBS, we tailor the following services to cover the full design life of your assets – from concept definition right through to commissioning, life-cycle support through to field decommissioning:

  • Field development studies.
  • Integrated production modelling.
  • FEED (Front End Engineering Design) studies.
  • Floating production facility design.
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) studies.
  • EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)
  • DED (Detail Engineering Design).
  • Post-installation operations support.
  • AIMS (Asset Integrity Management Systems)
  • Project consultancy services.
  • Verification and validation studies.
  • PMT (Project Management Team) support.
  • Decommissioning studies.

Interfacing across disciplines

The many different disciplines involved in field development mean that it is not easy to assess the level of detail required, or quickly sift concepts down to a manageable number, or manage the risks associated with each stage in the development planning process.
We can talk to your experts because of our own range of expertise. We bring the same approach, procedures and core engineering skills to bear on every project, but we also apply regional expertise as required – to cater for the tiebacks into existing host facilities that characterise more mature markets, for example, or tackle deep-water developments in challenging locations.
Take advantage of our combined skills and experience to build an optimised field development plan quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

cost estimating