Innovative Field Development Solutions

SBS field development experience stretches around the world, from the mature fields of the North Sea to the green field sites of West Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia. Projects we have worked on range from small-scale tie-backs to large-scale green field development projects, from unmanned shallow-water O&G facilities to deep-water developments exploiting gas condensates for LNG production.

Innovative Field Development Solutions

Innovative Field Development Solutions

The broad range of skills within our integrated development team covers petroleum engineering, subsea, pipelines and flow assurance, as well as deep-water engineering, process management, mechanical and structural engineering, and many other disciplines.
We share knowledge and information with our teams and clients, applying proven techniques to the identification, analysis and screening of concept options.
Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to analyse the many factors that affect a field development project, identifying the best solutions for projects ranging from single-well production facilities through to complex multi-well, multi-facility developments.

Streamlining the decision-making process

Using structured brainstorming and facilitation techniques, we identify key risks and uncertainties, highlight concept differentiators and the elements that impact on a project’s overall feasibility, plot clear audit trails for all key decision-making, and produce the ideas needed to bring key stakeholders on board. We challenge conventional assumptions by thinking laterally – over the years we have learned how to bypass or streamline problem areas, using best-in-class tools and techniques to generate robust, cost-effective development plans.

We use benchmarking and analogue comparison tools to generate concepts tailored to match our clients’ specific priorities and production requirements. Our role is to assist and facilitate the decision-making process by producing development scenarios based on accurate, relevant information from a wide variety of sources. We cover each stage in the field development process, first screening appraisals, then generating, screening and drawing up a shortlist of concepts. We hold decision workshops to facilitate the selection of the final development concept, then help our clients prepare the basis for the design work.

What Partners said

Xodus have been working with SBS in a successful partnership for over 7 years. SBS are excellent at understanding their clients’ needs, developing scopes of work and planning, executing and delivering projects. We have worked with SBS on a range of challenging projects and find their approach open, honest and highly collaborative, regularly demonstrating that their prime focus is on ensuring their clients get the best service. All their work is underpinned by a high level of professionalism. – Dave RayburnDirector XODUS GROUP LTD