Nautilus 150MW Project

SBS signed an exclusive site development agreement with State-owned electrical utility, PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) in 2015, (extended in 2017) to develop commercial-scale, tidal turbine generator (TTG) arrays around the Indonesian archipelago. The first project will progressively deliver 150MW from tidal-stream resources in the Lombok Strait.
The project will build-out in a phased manner that will see deployment of an initial 12MW array during Phase I. in Dec’ 2020, expanding through 70MW then to 150MW by 2023.
The EPC contract includes FEED and EIA scopes of work and will ensure TTG configuration exactly matches characteristics of local tidal resources in the Lombok Strait; topography of the offshore site and export power cable route.

tidal-stream resources in the Lombok Strait

Following completion of FEED, EIA/AMDAL and DED activities, SBS will install industry-certified standard (TRL-9) tidal turbine generators, delivering safe, sustainable, silent, out-of-sight, zero-emission renewable ocean energy electricity to PLN for the Indonesian domestic and business markets in the eastern archipelago where supply is challenged.
Targeted for completion by December 2020, the balance to 70MW then to 150MW will be delivered before the end of 2023. Clean, reliable, ocean energy electrical power will be delivered to PLN by the IPP under a 30-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). SBS Energi Kelautan was established in Jakarta in November 2015, and is Indonesia’s first ocean energy IPP.
The IPP will own, manage and operate the tidal energy power generation assets under PPA contract to PLN.